”When spreadsheet just can’t cut it…”
Plan-365 plan manager will

Have you ever had to find solutions to these problems? Have you ever had to find solutions to these problems?

Have you ever had to find solutions to these problems?


How to ensure that the entire organization is operating on the latest, up-to-date information?


How to support team transparency?


How to present the plans to your team in a clear and comprehensive way, preferably with one simple timeline? 


How to connect actions to the goals and strategies of the organization, and how to communicate these connections to your team? How to strengthen your team’s commitment to these plans?

93 % of the organizations consider their plan implementation to be less than excellent.* The ever-growing mass of data, constant change, and other challenges in communication present challenges in managing and executing plans and actions. Plan-365 has been created to solve these particular problems. Read more about our product and try it yourself to see the benefits!

*) Source: Bridges 2020 strategy implementation survey

100 % easy to use 100 % easy to use

*) Source: survey to Plan-365 users 06/2022

Plan-365: Home to All Your Action Plans

Home to All Your Action Plans Home to All Your Action Plans

Plan-365 presents all your plans and the actions in them in one calendar view, on one simple and efficient timeline.

Choose plan Choose plan

With Plan-365, you can:

present the plans in a clear way

add step-by-step actions to them

define user access to every plan separately

add content to the actions: text, pictures, videos, and files

add Key Dates to the action plans

send reminder emails on the Key Dates to the team members

have the same action attached to various plans

schedule actions to be repeated, for instance every week, month, or year

share the actions to your Outlook or Google calendar.

Categorize and Filter Your Actions and Plans

Categorize and Filter Your Actions and Plans Categorize and Filter Your Actions and Plans

There are plenty of ways to group, track and filter your actions, whichever way serves your purposes the best.

You can:

create color-coded labels

attach several actions to same labels

include various actions on the same row.


You can create several options to categorize actions:

according to the strategy

according to the goal

who is responsible for the action

how important the action is

how urgent the action is


It is also possible to create different tags to filter actions by social media platforms, for instance.

Choices Choices

How to Add Actions

The way to add and edit actions is by clicking the pen icon in the upper right corner. You can add the new action by either clicking the + sign on the left, or by clicking and dragging with your mouse on the green line, on the date or on the longer period where you want to add the action.

After that you can type in the details of the action. If you want to add content to it straight away, just choose Save & Edit. Then, you can edit the action, add content, or add Key Dates to it. You can also copy the action and paste it to another date.

Add action Add action

Choosing the Right View

Plan-365 can display the timeline one quartile, tertile, six months or one month at a time. From the Settings you can pick the default view for the entire organization. The annual view can start from any quartile you prefer.

Choosing the Right View Choosing the Right View

How to start using Plan-365?


As you have bought Plan-365 from our webstore, prepare it for your team. Start by changing the Plan-365 logo on the top left corner to match your company’s logo. You can do this in Edit Mode.


Which plans would you like to manage via Plan-365? Create them all in the Settings. You can add access rights to your team members to all the plans or just some.


What kind of labels or options you’d like to use as your filters? You can create these in Settings. You don’t necessarily need to use any labels or options, but they do make some things easier.


Account settings is the place to invite new users and to define User Levels to your team members. There are four levels: Viewer, Editor, Admin, and Account Owner. All you need is their email address to define the level and to invite the user to Plan-365.

If you’d prefer to try Plan-365 before you buy it, download Free Plan to your work computer. Free Plan works only on one computer, does not have all the features and you can't share it with your team.

How to start How to start

“Once we got the hang of it, Plan-365 was really easy to use”

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