This is the story of a small Finnish company that discovered the need for a whole new concept within the SaaS industry. Learn how we started and plan to revolutionize the way businesses and organizations take their strategies from plans to action.

Where It All Started

A few years back, our company had a client with a problem: The standard manual and static office programs were insufficient for their business needs. They wanted to enable collaboration, improve sharing and commitment for their strategy and, above all, do all this while saving time. They desired a tool that would simplify annual planning and plan implementation digitally, faster, and in an accessible and efficient way.

We tackled the problem head-on and went looking for a readymade solution that would meet our client's needs. We found plenty of excellent Project Management Tools. Still, none of them was a perfect match. Most of them lacked visuality: sharing and implementing various actions for the whole organization wasn't clear and explanatory enough, and that's why none of them were approved. Therefore, we decided to solve the problem ourselves to help out the best we could - because that's what we do. So, hand-in-hand with the client, our Tech Team started developing a brand new tool.

Kuva Kuva

Determination Stemming from Arctic Conditions and Sports

Before we go on, a few words about us Finns: We come from a small country populated by a handful of people who coexist within long distances from each other. That emphasizes the need for effective communication, and that's why we've mastered the art of digital connections. As women and men who grew up next to the Arctic Circle, we also have a particular mindset that we like to call Arctic Survival Mode, an attitude that we implement whenever face-to-face with challenges. So, it's only natural that we applied the same philosophy, combined with professional business backgrounds, into developing a new tool.

Finns are usually into sports as well, and our team is no exception in this regard. Many of us have a history in competitive sports, which explains our determination in our business endeavors – we put the same passion and willpower into business as we do into sports. We're ambitious, and we have a clear vision about where we want to go. We work hard and enthusiastically to overcome setbacks and thrive on the smallest successes. So, you could say that being persistent Finns resulted in a new Plan Management Tool being born.

Kuva Kuva

From Customized to Scalable

The client was delighted about the new application, and before we knew it, we started receiving calls and orders from other clients wanting a tool of their own, and our team started growing from there. We were now able to offer a solution for executing strategies and action plans, thus making our clients' everyday business lives more manageable.

We started implementing dozens of customized solutions according to the needs of different companies and business areas in both the private and public sectors. Still, very soon, we faced the next challenge. More and more people and smaller teams were interested in our tool, but it was not scalable for more extensive usage. So, we handpicked the best and most used features from our customized solutions, simplified the structure, and created a new Plan Management Tool called Plan-365. This brand new application is now available as a SaaS product that you can subscribe to annually or monthly.

We want to help you implement your strategy through agile, effortless, and transparent collaboration, making it possible for your organization to achieve its business goals. Will you join us on this journey?

You can use our Free Plan first by yourself, and if and when you like it, upgrade to the Team Plan, move to the cloud, and invite your team onboard.

We look forward to hearing from you! In the meantime, greetings from the happiest country in the world!

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